What to Wear for Your Professional Headshot

We’ve discussed the importance of doing your makeup right for your professional headshot, but your clothing is just as important. Your clothing reflects your personality, so you want to make sure you appear professional, credible, but also interesting. Here are our tips for men and women on what to wear for your headshot:

For Men

A standard suit is always a good look, but you can have some lee-way with it. Jacket, no-jacket; tie, no-tie, it’s up to you. Just try to keep the colors darker (such as navy or gray) and make sure the fabric doesn’t bunch up when you sit down. Don’t wear anything with distracting patterns, but thin stripes on a tie are fine.

For Women

A dress, suit, or a nice top and skirt are always great options. Avoid big, distracting prints or patterns by picking clothing with solid colors. V-necks look the best, but make sure it doesn’t go too low, and avoid short sleeves or tank tops. You’ll typically want to wear a shirt with a blazer or cardigan on top. As for jewelry, make sure it accents your outfit, and doesn’t distract from it. Wear something small and classic, and isn’t too reflective or long.

For Everyone

Don’t come to your photoshoot with just one outfit. Bring at least three outfits with you and keep them hung up. In other words, don’t wear them to your shoot, as you might cause wrinkles or spill something on them. And be sure to avoid busy patterns and bright colors as they’ll distract the viewer from your face.

With these tips in mind, you’re ready for your photoshoot. Just make sure you have the right photographer to make you look your best. At New York Headshot Photographer, we will help you make an amazing first impression. Contact us today!