What to Wear for Your Executive Portrait

Need a new executive portrait? Sometimes the biggest concern is what to wear. If you’re unsure where to start, we have outlined a couple basic guidelines that will help you choose what to wear for your next corporate portrait!

Men’s attire:

What Men Should Wear for Corporate Headshot

Keep in mind a few things. Ask yourself: Who is going to be looking at this photo and what is the industry you are in? If you work in law, finance, government, most men tend to wear a jacket and tie.

Pro Tip: Consider a subtle pattern on a solid color shirt.

If you’re not a tie person, allow yourself to be a little bit more daring when it comes to your shirt pattern and colors. If you work in a creative field, consider showing off your personality with your outfit choice.

After you decide on your shirt and tie, it’s time to figure out your options for a jacket. If you decide to wear one, medium grey and blue work great, and a thin pinstripe can be classy and eye-catching.

Pro Tip: Avoid black sport jackets.

You can also opt for no jacket but go with a solid color that works well with the setting or background color.

Women’s attire:

What Women Should Wear for a Corporate Headshot

Choose a professional, business casual look to convey a classic feel.

When considering a jacket, make sure it is tailored and fits well, and try not to stray from solid colors. Red jackets photograph particularly well, but gray, blue, and black work great if you want to stay more traditional.

Dresses are also a great choice for a business portrait, especially ones that have a nice color or textured fabric. Think about the neckline and keep in mind that the headshot will often be cropped above the waist. A well-fitted dress can also help show off your individuality. If you wear jewelry, make sure that its subtle and doesn’t overpower the main focus of the portrait: you.

Pro Tip: Keep the outfit simple and unfussy.

When it comes down to it, you should wear what you feel comfortable in, and we encourage you to bring options!

Eye glasses for men & women:

If you wear eyeglasses and they are essential to your look or being recognized, we recommend you wear them for your shoot. We want you to look your best, and your headshot to look like you when you go to that important meeting. Designer glasses can be distinctive and add personality to your headshot while at the same time color coordinating with your styled outfit.

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