Do you dislike the idea of having your professional headshots taken in a studio space or in another indoor location that might hinder your style? Step outside with New York Headshot Photography and allow us to take outdoor natural headshots to capture you in a more relaxed and casual environment. Many people find they’re able to be themselves more when they take advantage of outdoor headshot photography. This makes it easier for a professional outdoor photographer to provide people with the kinds of high-quality photographs they need for executive portraits, marketing materials, dating profiles, and more.

Although New York Headshot Photography is based in Manhattan, we can take outdoor natural headshots of our clients in just about any outdoor location in NYC. The city is filled with parks, museums, landmarks, bridges, and other places that serve as the perfect backdrops for professional outdoor portraits. Whether you have a great outdoor place in mind for your outdoor portrait photography or need some suggestions, we can meet you in whichever location you want and use the natural light outside to set you up with gorgeous outdoor photos.

When you schedule a session with a professional outdoor photographer, you won’t have to worry about your headshots being stifled by you being stuck inside of a stuffy studio. You can let your personality breathe more when you invest in outdoor natural headshots. Your portraits will showcase a whole new side of you to other people and leave them with a much better impression of you when you start putting them to good use.

Give New York Headshot Photography a call at 212-262-9777 to arrange to have outdoor natural headshots taken.