Makeup Tips for Your Corporate Headshot

Your headshot is incredibly important for building your brand. Often the first impression an employer will get of your profile, and your gestures can either show confidence, or not. So, when getting ready to take one, it’s worth brushing up a bit.

Here are a few makeup tips for your corporate headshot:

1. Do proper skin prep

One of the features that will come off most visibly in corporate headshots is your skin. So that’s the first place to focus in on.

Woman Executive Portrait

The week before, start a skincare routine that works for you, with the right amount of moisturizer and wash to get your skin looking 100 percent fresh.

Once more, maintain that higher level of care throughout the week. That way, by the time the photos come, your face will be sparkling.

2. Emphasize your eyes

Draw the photographer’s attention to your eyes. They are the window into your soul, after all.

3. Don’t overdo it

There is such a thing as “too much makeup,” and it’ll be the first thing the employer will notice when seeing your headshot. Remember to set your boundaries and apply a level of makeup you’re comfortable with. That way, you’ll come off as natural and confident as possible.

With these makeup tips in mind, you’ll have no problem creating a corporate headshot that gleans with professionalism. For more information on preparing for corporate headshots or to set up a session, contact us at New York Headshot Photographer today!