Indoor vs. Outdoor Headshots

As much as your style and clothing can reflect your personality in a professional headshot, so too can your background. One of the major decisions to make, then, is whether or not you want to shoot your headshot indoors or outdoors. Neither background is better or worse than the other, but they can alter your headshot in fundamental ways:

Indoor or In Studio Headshots

Indoor headshots, whether taken in a studio or in your office, are professional and simple. They often have a flat backdrop, or show your place of business (for example, a chef may take their portrait in their kitchen or restaurant). There’s a wide variety in terms of lighting, and a lack of wind lets you have more control over your hair and makeup. As a result, it’s a bit easier to capture the exact look you want than it is in outdoor shoots. And, because of their simplicity and professionalism, indoor headshots are often best for business and/or executive portraits.

Outdoor Headshots

Outdoor headshots are relaxed and casual, meaning they’re great for people who hate having their picture taken. They’re also an excellent choice for actors, as casting directors respond better to outdoor headshots than indoor ones. An outdoor background provides a unique look to your headshot, and in New York City you have plenty of excellent locations to choose from. However, keep in mind that weather is always a factor, not just with wind, but temperature and sunlight (or lack thereof) too. It’s also harder to change clothes or fix makeup as you don’t have a bathroom nearby.

In the end, the type of background you choose is up to the kind of characteristics you want your headshot to portray. So, whether you want the simple indoor headshot or the casual outdoor headshot, New York Headshot Photographer can help you capture the perfect headshot for your professional career. Contact us today to learn more.