How to Stand Out with your LinkedIn Headshot

For job searches, networking, building a professional presence, and creating your personal brand, LinkedIn is the key social media platform to be seen on. Hundreds of millions of people use LinkedIn for professional purposes, creating a profile page to impress would-be bosses and recruiters. Yes—hundreds of millions.

Representing yourself with a quality photo on this popular business platform is more important than it’s ever been.

Young male LinkedIn Headshot

How to stand out with your LinkedIn headshot:

Stick with simple and professional

Your LinkedIn photo is the first thing that draws eyes to your profile page. As you navigate the site, your photo will appear as a small thumbnail. Shoot for a headshot photo that emphasizes your head and shoulders with engaging eyes to make your thumbnail recognizable.

Choose professional clothing for your photo such as a dress shirt, a suit, a blazer, or a nice blouse. Avoid graphic patterns and be sure to stick with a photo with a plain background.

Pick a sharp, detailed high-resolution photo

Potential employers are going to respond to an approachable headshot that is not low-fidelity or blurry. A high-resolution photo that is crystal clear, well-lit and dynamic will make a great first impression. The minimum size for profile photos on LinkedIn is 400×400 pixels.

Invest in the perfect headshot

Yes, smartphones are capable of capturing photos worthy of social media platforms; however, your LinkedIn profile picture should not be a selfie. Trust a professional headshot photographer to take your LinkedIn headshot to the next level and increases your networking.

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