How to Prepare for Your Professional Group Portrait

A professional photoshoot of a group or corporate team is far different than a headshot photo session for an individual. There are several additional factors that need to be considered, as well as additional planning that needs to be made, before you and your team head out for your photoshoot.

Schedule a time that’s convenient for everyoneHow to Prepare for Your Professional Group Portrait

A group portrait will take some time, so it’s best to find a time and date that’s convenient for everyone. Compare your calendars and see where each of you have room in your schedules, and how much time can be dedicated to the photoshoot.

Find a location you all like

Your photoshoot can take place at your workplace, at an event, or in a studio. As such, you should decide, as a group, which locations you’d prefer, and which are accessible to everyone. Having your photoshoot at your workplace or corporate event is likely the most convenient, as that way it can be done while everyone is there, but in a studio, you have a bit more flexibility over the look of the photo.

Coordinate your outfits

At the very least, the style of your outfits should match each other’s. You don’t want to come in dressed in business casual if your co-workers are in formal attire. As such, plan ahead for what kind of look you all want. First, figure out the style you want (business casual, formal, etc.), then determine what kind of colors you want to incorporate. You can either wear complementing colors or matching colors—it all depends on your specific tastes.

Think about branding

Group photos are all about telling a story about your business or team. What you wear, how you pose, and where you take the photo all play into the kind of story you’re wanting to tell and the kind of characteristics you’re wanting to portray. Therefore, you and your team should think carefully about how you want your photo to look. Once you have something in mind, figuring out outfits, locations, and the like will be much easier.

Now that you’re well-prepared for your professional group portrait, it’s time to schedule a photoshoot. Here at New York Headshot Photographers, our team of experienced photographers will ensure that your group portrait will come out looking exactly as you want it. Feel free to browse through our collection to see our past work or give us a call at 212-262-9777 with any questions.