How to Convey Your Personal Brand Through Your Headshot

As a professional in your industry, you need to establish a stunning reputation, some street cred in the biz and strong connections in order to excel in your career. That all starts with your personal brand. Personal branding relies on your values, strengths, unique characteristics, and passions to add value to who you are as a professional and build an image for yourself that you can then share with the world.

What better way to establish your image then with an image—literally. A headshot will allow you to convey who you are as a professional and can establish uniformity across your social profiles, company websites, business cards, and advertising materials.

So how do you want others to perceive you? Consider who you are and what you do in your industry, remembering your values and the personality of your brand. Ignore the conventionalities of professional headshots and skip the traditional looks for something that better represents your brand—you!

Your headshot backdrop should support your brand

Personal Branding HeadshotWhat do you want in the background of your photo that will best represent the character behind your brand, but won’t overpower you in the image? Consider how a plain white backdrop tells a different story of who you are compared to a lively cityscape in the background of your photo.

Embrace the outdoors and use nature as the backdrop to your laid-back, carefree style. Get in the office and choose a background fitting for your industrious and goal-oriented attitude. Step out of your normal environment and paint yourself in a new light, finding a new unique location to show the new you.

What you wear says it all

Once you select the perfect backdrop to convey your personal brand, choose an outfit to match the vibe. Think about your passions and the characteristics you’d like to highlight and use these elements to pick patterns and colors that make sense to your brand.

Consider adding accessories to complete your look, such as jewelry or scarves, or perhaps an item from your office you never travel without, such as a clipboard or notebook. Show your personality in fun ways and embrace your brand by incorporating your true colors.

Pro Tip: Don’t go overboard with patterns and accessories. You should still feel like you in the headshot, but you don’t want to make the photo too busy.

Remember that color matters with your headshot

when trying to send a message as it increases brand association. Consider the colors you use in your branding and incorporate these into your photo, either through your wardrobe or in the background.

Choose a pose that best exudes the basis of your brand; powerful poses help show your confidence, while casual, laid-back smiles radiate friendliness and warmth.

It’s time to move beyond the cheap smartphone images and invest in a quality, expert headshot from the team of professional portrait photographers at New York Headshot Photographer. Give us a call at 212-262-9777 to schedule your session and ensure your first impression is a good one!