How to Choose the Location of Your Corporate Headshot

Older man black and white headshot

A headshot is many things.

It’s your first impression; the identifier of your personal brand; what showcases your professionalism in your industry in just one image.

And though you are the main focus of this executive portrait, there are many behind the scenes elements that add to the success of your headshot: one of the most important elements being the setting you choose to have your headshot taken in.

Here are a few key considerations to keep in mind when choosing the best location for your corporate headshot:

Indoors or outdoors?

Outdoor natural headshots make natural light easier to come by, of course and are usually the best option for someone who in fact hates having their portrait taken. Create a more calming and casual appeal with an outdoor headshot.

Taking your headshot in the studio or in your office can help capture a more professional look that is in line with your industry.

Whether you choose indoors or outdoors, just remember that the setting of your headshot will subtly, but effectively connect who you are with what you do.

Woman lifestyle portrait

A place with variety

On that note: don’t pigeonhole yourself. Choose a location that gives you a palette of backgrounds, just in case you’re not satisfied with the one you picked out. That’ll help when it comes time to stand in; you’ll end the shoot with a few options to choose from, not just one. And that’s a much better place to be.

Comfort is key

We think that this is, perhaps, the most important tip: choose a location where you feel at ease. And it’s okay to be unique and think out-of-the-box. You are essentially creating the image you want to convey for yourself in the professional world, so make sure it’s true to you.

Once you’ve picked your perfect location, we’ll take care of the rest. At New York Headshot Photographer, we have the years of experience and expertise necessary to capture your ideal corporate headshot, in the studio or outdoors. Give us a call at 212-262-9777 to learn more about booking a session with us.