How Company-Wide Portraits Can Benefit Your Business

Employees and staff form the heartbeat of your company; these are the people behind the scenes making sure every aspect of the organization is successful.

Why not showcase your hard-working team properly? Consider having company-wide portraits, giving your employees and overall brand a look of professionalism and trust.

Make your first impression a good one

Company HeadshotsMake a positive impression of your company culture with a team photo showcasing the value of your employees. Company-wide photos encompassing your entire workforce make a statement to your customers that your team is strong and working together towards the same goals. Consumers can also put faces to the names they hear over the phone and feel a more personal connection to your business.

Create a personalized, cohesive appearance

Your website is often the first point of reference consumers have of your company.

Customized and cohesive staff photos showing off your employees creates an interesting and impressive staff page.

Get a little quirky and display your fun side in a goofy team photo on your “About Us” page. Think of ways to make your team’s appearance unique, interactive and innovative in each group photo. Be bold and different to really stand out in your industry with your company photos.

Quick tips for your company-wide photos

Company HeadshotsStick to a general color scheme for group photos to present a unified look. Aim for contrasting tones and avoid shirts with writing, patterns, or thin stripes. Before getting your photo taken, do a quick check of your hair and makeup, and touch up shiny skin.

Figure out your best side and practice your smile in advance, taking a few practice photos with your own phone or camera.

Make sure each employee is on board with the type of tone you hope to convey through the individual headshots and team photos.

Wholesale company headshot photography and team/group photography are a breeze with New York Headshot Photographer, a team of professional portrait photographers based in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn ready to work with you to create an image for your company. Give us a call at 212-262-9777 to learn more about booking with us!