Headshot Tips for Actors to Impress Casting Directors

Casting agents and casting directors are the people you must make a permanent impression on for a successful career as an actor or entertainer.

Casting agents and directors attend Off-Broadway shows, drama school showcases, film festivals, and comedy clubs looking for raw talent to fit every role no matter how small. They work diligently at their craft and know the theatrical landscape.

They will go through thousands of actors’ headshots to make a single decision:

Who to send to a casting call. 

Simply put—they can make you or break you.

Actor HeadshotTo impress a casting director, it is a given that you need to be a talented actor or performer but equally important: you need to leave behind a professional headshot that makes it easy for them to remember who you are and what you’ve accomplished.

Here are just a few tips to help you achieve a lasting first impression through a headshot; one that will hold the casting director’s attention until the next casting.

Your headshot must look like you on a good day

You need a one-of-a-kind, honest headshot that exhibits your natural looks and persona. A photo that allows a casting director to see what you look like before you audition eliminates any disappointment that an unrealistic or outdated photo can create.

Imagine walking into an important audition and having the casting director say, “You look nothing like your headshot.”

It happens and to say the least, it’s a terrible beginning.

Look your age

When you submit a heavily retouched photo that makes you look 30 when you are pushing 40, that only hurts your chances of being cast.

Also, don’t radically change your hair color or haircut without updating your headshot.

Show that you have character

Male Actor Headshot

There are plenty of roles for character actors who are not “top model material.”  Use a headshot that is 100% real rather than glamorous.

Your headshot should reflect your identity and brand

Acting is all about playing a role, and your headshot gives that identity a face or brand. Using your best headshot across your social media channels starts to make you recognizable and familiar to casting directors.

Consider the types of roles you generally play and use this knowledge to capture a headshot focused on roles you see yourself taking on.

Your headshot must be professional

Casting directors need to see you looking your best, which means working with a professional photographer to capture an eye-catching headshot. New York Headshot Photographers know how to accentuate your best features while keeping the photo genuine and true to you.

Get ready to impress the casting directors with actor and performer headshot photography from New York Headshot Photographer, presenting actors like you at your best with true-to-life headshots that always express the one-of-a-kind you. Call us at 212-262-9777 to learn more about booking with us.