Company wide portraits of your start up, new management team or select top executives are our specialty. We come to you with a portable studio set up, or our environmental photo gear, and take individual professional headshots of everyone – approximately 16-48 per employees per day per setup. Devoting 30 minutes per head per setup yields 16 headshots, 20 minutes per head, 24 headshots, or 10 minutes per head 48 headshots. This is our most economical service – essentially wholesale headshot photography. Employees pick their favorite photo from a link with about 25-40 options and we retouch the selects (skin, eyes, teeth, hair).
We do company headshots for smart businesses who recognize their employees are ambassadors for the company brand. These professional headshots have multiple uses. For the About & Team web page, Bio picture of the employee, employee business cards, conference IDs, speaking engagements, industry on-line magazines, and college Alumni Magazines. Full rights are granted with every agreement. For a relatively small investment a professional headshot of every employee pays off in a very short time. The average interval to retake an employee picture is 2.5 years. Most of our headshots outlast the employee and we discount our fees for repeat business for new hires. #1 case study Execusearch shot over the last two years.

Company Portrait Case Study