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Portrait vs. Landscape Headshots

A question that many people ask themselves when booking an appointment for a professional headshot is whether or not their headshots should be in portrait or landscape orientation. In years past, the majority of headshots were shot in portrait orientation (vertical), but recently, landscape orientation (horizontal) has become increasingly popular. Both have their advantages, but… Read more »

What NOT to Do for Your Headshot

There is plenty of advice on the internet that tells you what you should do for your headshots, but what about what you shouldn’t do? In order to make your headshot as strong as possible, here are some things you should avoid doing before and during your photoshoot. Lacking a clear vision Before you sit… Read more »

5 Ways to Use Your Professional Headshot

A professional headshot is great for branding and marketing purposes, but they have to be marketed properly in order for them to be effective. While the proper marketing techniques will depend on your specific industry and business, there are several options for you to choose from: Website In the digital age, having a proper website… Read more »

Common Questions About Professional Headshots

Getting a professional headshot is vital for your career. It’s more than just a flattering photograph—it shows potential employers and clients the kind of person that you are, and it’s often one of the first things they’ll identify you with. However, as you’re looking to book your appointment with a photographer, you may be asking… Read more »