4 Essential “To-Dos” Before Your Headshot Session

Your headshot defines your personality and captures your spirit. As a first impression, your headshot and your resume are the two most important parts of your total packaging.

Here are the top four “to-dos” to prepare for your headshot:

1. Visit your hairstylist

You want your headshot to look like the real you, so select a cut or style that you can easily maintain and replicate. Schedule your appointment a week to two weeks before your headshot.  Pick a natural hairstyle that complements the shape of your face.

Young woman corporate headshot

2. Whiten your teeth

Your professional smile is one of the first things people notice in your headshot.

Make sure to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste to get the tint of coffee off of your pearly whites.

Why not whiten your teeth a week before your headshot.

3. Freshen up your skin

Keep your skin looking smooth and clear by washing and moisturizing and drinking lots of water in the week leading up to your professional headshot session.

Give your skin a break from the sun to avoid possible sunburn and dryness. If you plan to wear makeup for your shoot, go with a natural look that highlights your best features.

4. Get plenty of rest

The last thing you want is a headshot of you looking tired.  You need to project tireless energy and enthusiasm.

Get plenty of rest in the week before you have your headshot session. Schedule a full night’s rest the day before your shoot and take some time to relax walk in the park or meditate before heading to the studio.

The most important part of a headshot session is hiring a photographer dedicated to giving you the best possible product. For natural, professional headshots that help make an amazing first impression, call on the team at New York Headshot Photographer today!