3 Signs That It’s Time to Update Your Headshot

There is perhaps no photo more important—at least not professionally—than your own headshot.

This is the picture that potential employers, universities, and co-workers will likely see when you

apply to be considered as a candidate for any position. With that being said, getting across a

natural sense of professionalism, determination, and charisma is vital in any headshot.

Sadly, after several years a headshot ages like anything else.  There’s a moment that everyone should recognize when it’s time for a new headshot.

1.   Your appearance has changed

Business Headshots in NYC

Put simply, we look different over time and our features can change, too.

If you can’t recognize yourself in your headshot, then it’s time for a new one—especially because an employer, client or future customer will likely be more thrown off than you are.

2.  Different times call for different trends

Not only do you change as time goes on, but so do fashion trends. Wearing a style indicative of 2008 will be communicated through your headshot, and it’s worth bringing your headshot into 2018. You don’t want to appear out of touch with the times, either.

3.  Your business or career path has made a shift

Finally, your career or business may have changed! You could have used your original headshot for a creative job but are now in a managerial corporate position. Each require different approaches, and styles. You want to convey the right message with your headshot, so if your personal or company’s brand has changed recently, it’s time to update.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that a new headshot should be an exciting opportunity—it’s time to reinvent yourself in a way and update the impression you give to future employers and current colleagues. Trust in New York Headshot Photographer for your next professional headshot. Call us at 212-262-9777 to book your session today!