3 Essential Elements of a Great Corporate Headshot

Capturing a winning corporate headshot on your phone is nearly impossible, so your search for a professional photographer should begin there.

Look for a photographer who will provide these three essential elements in their session with you.

Corporate Headshot

1. A mastery of lighting

Whether your main focus is to use your photo on social media, to advertise your services, or to display on your business cards, lighting can alter the look and mood of your corporate headshot and change the way you appear to clients. In natural light or under studio lighting your eyes are the most important feature.

Note to self: Be sure to communicate your goal for your corporate headshot to allow your photographer to put you in the best light, achieving the overall image you’d like to create for yourself.

2. A focus on the real you

Building trust with potential business clients is key to your success and this starts with an authentic photo that looks like you. Often, potential customers use your headshot as a measure of whether or not they feel they could work with you. Search for a photographer who ensures your photo shows your character and warmth.

Note to self: Go to the session well rested, brimming with optimism, and good cheer.

3. An emphasis on confidence

It’s easy for headshots to feel awkward or stiff with unnatural poses or on-demand smiles. Trust the photographer to put you in a pose that best accentuates your features and brings out your confidence.

Note to self: Find a photographer who takes the time to make you feel comfortable and listens to your ideas while giving their own suggestions based on their expertise.

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